So, elections of INAS Executive Committee (the international federation of physical and sports activities for athletes with an intellectual disability) will be held in Rio de Janeiro on April 27, exactly... 


*For the full reintegration of ID athletes into the Paralympic Games program  and the successful taking into account - really and seriously- of our population, too long forgotten and left in shadow,

*for a more important role of the various INAS national federations within the various NPC (National Paralympic Committees) as with regard to the IPC (International Paralympic Committee),

*for the recognition of new sports in the Paralympic Games program *for a new state of mind and the disappearance of the self-pity and condescension,

*for the establishment of a real equality between the various disabilities


Finally to make disappear these still negative situations...


Support and make vote the candidacy of the French representative    Michel CHOPINAUD


More details of the program will follow on